NewsWatch Understands PR

NewsWatch is a television program, that just happens to win award after award. In 2016 the program won what is called the Silver Telly Award, this award is highly esteemed concentrating on video production. Also in 2017 the Videographer Award for excellence was achieved, and once again in 2017 the Gold and Platinum Marcom Award for best 30 minute television program.

In the 1990s the program primary focal point was on financial issues. Broadening its scope, it become more of a TV news magazine show. The program is a excellent venue for companies to market and promote things that they may be trying to promote and may need help getting the word out.

Back in April 2011, NewsWatch began focusing on technology. We all know how tech products are literally seizing the airwaves both on TV and online, so that venture began a successful journey. Today NewsWatch is both a program for entertainment and also consumer reviews. It’s 30 minute segment reviews are gaining more and more popularity.

One company that has enjoyed working with NewsWatch is called Steelseries. This is an international company that specializes in electronics and other devices such as headphones. Promoting their gaming controllers along with other products on NewsWatch has given their advertisements the ability to be seen in over 95 million households. Tori Pugliese, Senior Director of Marketing at SteelSeries states how glad she was to see how NewsWatch understands how PR really works.

Understanding PR is something that NewsWatch has shown continuously to be experts at. Knowing how to reach out, to various groups, in different parts of the US and other countries is extremely useful in advertising today.