Organo Gold Gives Stagnant Coffee Culture A Much Needed Jolt

Bernardo Chua has utilized Organo Gold to touch the coffee industry, and it will never be the same again. This is a good thing because Organo Gold is a gourmet coffee brand that has managed to bring a healing agent in to coffee culture. This was not even something that was talked about before Bernardo Chua started his brand. It is true that there have been conversations about sticks of butter in coffee which created the concept of the bulletproof coffee, but there is no real proof about whether this coffee is able to provide any health benefits.

With the Ganoderma mushroom that is part of the ingredients for most products from Organo Gold it has become evident that these are products that can actually be contributed to healing. When you have things like this at your disposal it is obvious that you have something that can shake up the traditional culture that is already in place. This is exactly what Bernardo Chua did with Organo Gold. He shook up the order of coffee culture and created something that was entirely different. People can appreciate this change because coffee culture was undoubtedly stagnant.

Everything was starting to look the same. Most of the vendors were doing the same thing. People were talking about gourmet coffee and coffee beans, but no one was really doing anything new. Everyone seemed somewhat afraid of stepping outside of the comfort zone of what coffee culture had become. It was evident that this stagnant culture would not be changed unless someone had a strong desire to make an indentation in what had become the normal way of life for coffee drinkers. Along came Bernardo Chua with his independent distribution route for Organo Gold, and this would be the shock that coffee culture needed to evolve.