OSI Food Solutions Expansion and Creation of Jobs

If by any chance you have consumed a pizza from subway sandwich or John’s pizza, the chances are you ate a pizza processed and packed by OSIFood Solutions. This food firm has many decades of excelling in customer service. It has a history of winning many awards.

OSI Food Solutions, a famous firm has been awarded a Globe of Honor for the year 2016 by the safety council of British for their excellent and amazing management and good customer service. For a company to qualify to compete for the Globe Honor, it must have attained the five stars in the council of British. Between August 2015 and July 2016 OSI Food Solutions did well in the environmental management for the entire period from the floor of the shop to the boardroom.

The award was presented to OSI Food Solutions by the Chief Executive Officer from the British Safety Council. This firm has operated food business since 1989 producing pork and beef products for the hotel industry. Due to their dedication, the firm also won the award in 2013 and 2015.

Despite having won the Globe award for three years, they were considered one of the best Americans Food companies. This firm which is based in Illinois was incorporated as a meat firm. It was famous for its quality and always fresh meat. OSI Food Solutions grew drastically when it started supplying meat to the McDonald franchise.

According to a recent research, the company has now grown to accommodate over 25000 employees with a turn over of more than $ 6.5 billion per annum. In Spain, the firm has decided to enlarge its scale of operation and it has opened the Toledo processing plant. This investing which has been completed recently has led the production capacity to increase.

Due to this expansion, the operation in Toledo has increased production capacity to reach its target of 50000 tons of chicken, beef, and pork. The whole project will new job opportunities.

The decision to expand its operations was due to the increasing demand for beef and chicken products in Portugal and Spain. The expansion strategy will allow it to add new services and products to their portfolio. They will grow in line with the retail key accounts and new food service.

Its food mechanism has been enhanced by the company installing new perimeter walls, surveillance systems, and indoor cameras. They have also installed firefighting systems.

In conclusion, the Toledo processing plant which was constructed between 1990 and 2017 has seen the firm increasing the production capacity.

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