Dog Food Being Beneful to Dogs

The word beneful is defined as being helpful to one, to allow one to show kindness to another. As you look and see that is exactly what the company Nestle was trying to do when they produced the Purina Beneful Dog Food brand. What are they made of? There are several different kinds but the majority of them have a mixture of either chicken or beef, grain and a blend of vegetables. Distributed out as either dry food, wet food, or the dog treats that the dogs love.

How is the dog food benefiting the dogs? It is giving them the nutrients that they need to be able to flourish and grow in a healthy way.

George Soros, The Man Who Broke The British Bank

According to Forbes, George Soros’ net worth is $25.2billion. The billionaire has amassed his wealth through financial savviness and lots of guts. In 1947, George Soros, a native of Hungary fled to London after the war. He worked odd jobs as a railway attendant and night-club waiter so that he could attend the London School of Economics. He eventually relocated to the United States in 1956 where he made his fortune as a shrewd investor. In 1970, he started his own fund, Soros Fund Management, through which he became one of the most successful business person in the history of the United States.George Soros came to lime light when he wagered $10 billion against the British pound in 1992. This bet netted for him, in just a day, about $1billion in profits, and $2 billion over time. It was this incident that gave him the name: the man who broke the British bank.

Soros became a philanthropist, having made investments that set him among the richest people in the world. He delegated authority to competent people to handle his investments while he focused on his Open Society Foundation. Apart from his philanthropic deeds, Soros has actively involved himself in politics. He’s a radical supporter of Democratic campaigns. He has spoken and written extensively on human rights, world affairs, education, and political freedom.As a dedicated philanthropist, he has given away over $12 billion. He has supported lots of people who are marginalized. People all over the world who are fighting for an accountable government, justice and equality, freedom of expression, and transparency have benefited from his deeds.Soros has supported lawyers and paralegals who are actively representing thousands of individuals, who have been held unlawfully. He carried out the largest movement in history to integrate Europe’s Roma. He’s provided school fees for thousands of students who have been marginalized.

In 1976, Soros started his philanthropic work by giving scholarships to black South Africans under apartheid. He built the Central European University to encourage critical thinking in Berlin and was instrumental in bringing the Soviet Society out to the world.Later on, he expanded his philanthropic movement to the United States, Africa, and Asia. He is one of the most prominent voices against the war on drugs which he believes is more harmful than the drug use itself. He helped kick-start the medical use of Marijuana in America. He is also a strong supporter of same sex marriage and believes that the world should be an open society where people are free to be who they want to be.Apart from being a shrewd investor and a great philanthropist, George Soros is the father of five successful Children. He is currently married to Tamiko Bolton, who runs an online dietary supplement and vitamin sales company.George Soros has won several awards for his philanthropic and financial activities. In 2014 he was ranked number 1 in the top 20 list of managers in LCH investments. Since the launch of his quantum endowment fund, he has accrued over $42 billion in profits.

Fantasy Football Rankings

One of the players that an individual can draft when playing fantasy football is Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Matavis Bryant. As of right now he is a wider receiver that is most ideal as a backup. However, with some improvements, he can become a WR1 in the fantasy football rankings. Bryant has the potential to be a quality receiver in the fantasy league and will therefore be a good option to choose when looking to get one in the mid rounds of the fantasy draft. One of the things that has hurt his stock is his one year suspension for a failed drug test. Before last season, he put up average stats.

Matavis Bryant is currently in the mid level of the fantasy football rankings. This means that he is rated as an average receiver. In the fantasy football rankings, players are rated by their statistical performance. For example if a player leads the league in receptions, touchdowns and yards, he will be rates as a WR1. Receivers who put up average stats are rated between a WR21 and WR40. In order to maximize your success in fantasy football, it will be in your best interest to evaluate the fantasy football rankings before drafting a particular player.


Mikhail Blagosklonny

Great Work of Mikhail Blagosklonny in the Field of Research.

The immunity for the old humans marked the celebration year at 2014. It was seen to be the turning point in the field of research and the quest on the matters of immortality. This was a new foundation that had been predicted some years back by the experts, and it came to the past. The research was primarily based on the cause of the human death if the idea of aging was put aside. The call for the research was shoved by the unscientific misguided information that had no ground of substantiation.In the recent past, aging of the human being was thought to be the functional decline of the organs due to the pile up of the damaged molecules in the body. The disapproving information that was based on the broad scientific research indicated that the aging is part of the growth that marks the signal pathway of the TOR (Target of Rapamycin). The centric model of the TOR shows that the aging of the human beings can be treated with rapamycin. Additionally, its shows that the features of the rapamycin and other substance that plays the similar roles such as rapalogs extends the life of the human being.

The explanation of the theory faced a lot of repulsion by the many opponents though it had been predicted earlier. Most of them were taking the idea of the TOR-centric as just mere say without any proof.The study that is based on the rapamycin analog as revealed by the experts attracted the attention of many on its founding that it can boost the immunity and reduce the aging. The results were seen to force many to switch to using “fountain of youth” drug to delay the effects of aging. Nir Barzilai through is brief explanation addressed that the encouragement use of it was to target the improvement of the aging and it was a part of achievement in their field of research.Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professional professor in the sphere of Oncology. He is among the research team at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He specialized in matters related to the aging and cancer. He earned MD in Internal Medicine from the First Pavlov State Medical University. He then furthered his studies in Ph.D. at Experimental Medicine and Cardiology.

Through his pragmatic skills in the field of research, he held the post of the associate professor of medicine that gives the guideline on the research matters at New York Medical College. He then made his way to serve as a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute. Finally, in the year 2009, he joined other researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. His expertise in the field of research was contributed by the skills that he gained while working at different places. The primary area of concern he is interested in is Biogerontology. Mikhail Blagosklonny plays a role of the chief editor of Oncotarget and Cell Cycle. He also assists as an editor in other areas such as therapy and cancer biology. Additionally, he was elected to be one of the board members of the Cell Death and Differentiation board.Mikhail Blagosklonny has made a lot of contribution in the area of research as a scientist.

How Mikhail Blagosklonny Is Rejuvenating Immunity Using the Rapamycin Drug

In the past, most physicians said that aging was just a functional decline that was mainly caused by the accumulation of some random molecular damage in the body organisms. The scientists also claimed that aging was a natural activity that could not be prevented no matter what. However, after many years, a hyper function theory that was developed by a prominent scientist shows that sudden death that is caused by age can be brought to an end. According to the popular theory, aging is mostly a continuation of growth. With this new realization, a drug has been introduced to slow the aging process, meaning that individuals will not have to die because they have grown old. The scientists are now using signalling pathways to slow the process. This pathway is known as Target Rapamycin, and it is already proven to be useful to the few people who have been using it. Scientists are sure that rapamycin can be used together with other products to prevent aging and several other diseases. When an individual is using the right dosage of rapamycin, they can prolong their lifespan.

At the moment, several other theories of rapamycin have been making headlines in the scientist’s world. One study shows that Everolimus is a drug that can be used to bring out sensational captions. People are now saying that the drug is the fountain of youth everyone should acquire. Experts responsible for the drug say that it is the best formula for delaying the effects of age. The drug will mostly improve the health of the older adults.Rapamycin is not a popular term in medical industry. The drug has several versions. The most popular and first are Sirolimus and Rapamune, and they have been on the market since the year 2006. The drugs are believed to treat some of the most dangerous diseases too such as autoimmunity, cancer, metabolic disorders and several cardiovascular conditions. Experts have said that the drugs have a positive impact on the people who suffer from old age conditions such as the popular Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis.

When the two popular drugs were released into the market in the year 2006, the medical world declared that they were very safe and could be used by the patients who had transplants for many years. Because the drug is safe scientists have been studying its pharmacokinetics on healthy individuals. After several surveys, experts say that the drugs have the ability to transform the immune of an aged person and give them infant type immunity. With a rejuvenated immunity, people can live a very long life.Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the most authoritative oncologists in the world, and he is responsible for the rapamycin drug. Mikhail has been a scientist for a long time, and he understands the aging and cancer concept very well. At the moment, he is a professor in one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, known as Rosewell Park Cancer Institute. Mikhail has done so much to ensure that people with cancer can get the medication needed to live a normal healthy life over the years.

José Auriemo Neto Building Hotels With JHSF

The hotel industry in Brazil is a great business to be in. With so many people traveling to Brazil from all over the world, demand for hotels has never been higher. This is a great opportunity for investors and companies to make money.

José AuriemoNeto has years of experience investing in commercial real estate markets. With this experience, he is able to help JHSF plan for the future. He is the CEO of the company, and he loves the work he does.

Hotel Basics

Making money with a hotel is harder than many people think. There are a lot of expenses involved in owning a hotel. One area that has helped JHSF is investing in LED lighting throughout their hotels. This is one of the best ways to save money on the cost of electricity over time.

José Auriemo Neto wants all of his hotels to have great customer service. He believes in the brand of his company, and he is willing to spend money to enhance the brand over time.

Driving Sales

There are times throughout the year when demand for hotels decreases. During these times, it is vital to use marketing to bring in customers and drive sales higher. José Auriemo Neto will often offer major discounts if people stay for certain periods of time at his hotels. Click here to know more.

José Auriemo Neto is constantly looking for ways to improve his hotels. This is one of the reasons that he has been so successful in his investments. He knows how to spot a great business opportunity, and he has the ability to act quickly when he is ready.

Future Plans

José Auriemo Neto is an expert real estate investor. The real estate market is hot in Braizl, and he is constantly looking for properties to purchase.

Norman Pattiz, Broadcaster Extraordinaire

Recently, the Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster, the Vice President of Strategy at Edison Research, presented some results of advertising tests from five well renowned consumer brands.

This presentation showed the significant impact that podcast advertising had on the intent to purchase, brand recall, and recall of special messaging. The findings of the studies showed that

  • There was an increase in the number of listeners who mentioned a particular grocery item in the post-campaign from 7% to 60 % in the pre-study
  • There was increased product awareness from the pre-study to the post-study in the automobile sector, financial services sector, and lawn and garden products
  • The automobile sector received over 30% positive response with about 16% of respondents showing the likelihood of using a lawn or garden product.

Edison research conducted the studies on behalf of PodcastOne on different brands that are known and also those that are unknown. The studies ran a 4-6 week podcast advertising campaign which revealed that the audiences of the pre- and post-campaign studies were receptive to the messaging being presented.

The results justified the multi-tiered approach to measurement and integrated advertising. The studies had the objective of measuring the impact of podcast advertising on several key effectiveness measures.

Norman Pattiz is the Executive Chairman and Founder of PodcastOne which is known as a money-making media. With about half a century of experience in radio syndication, he is also the Founder of Westwood One, America’s biggest news, sports and entertainment, traffic and talk provider.

The company owns and distributes radio networks to NBC, CNN Radio, CBS News and many others. Pattiz also founded Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010, a company dedicated to quality programming. He launched PodcastOne in 2012 to meet the untapped needs in the audio on-demand industry. The company is currently being managed by popular personalities in media with over 200 popular podcasts. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

He served under two American administrations in overseeing the American Broadcasting Board of Governors. He is widely associated for conceiving and launching radio and television services in the Arabic language to over 20 countries in the Middle East with a large audience of over 40 million listeners.

Pattiz was recognized for his achievements are is currently holds an award presented to him by the Library of American Broadcasting. Going by his achievements, Norman Pattiz should be regarded as a true player in the American broadcasting industry.

Information on America’s 200th largest bank in the World

Nexbank Capital, Inc. is a financial services company who assists their clients through three main businesses, mortgage, and commercial banking. This company gives modified banking and financial services mostly in order to head individuals, corporations, financial institutions, and institutional clients throughout the U.S.A. It is located in Dallas, Texas and is the 200th biggest bank in America as well as the 13th in Texas. This Bank started up in the year 1934.

In New Orleans Louisiana on Monday November, 7, 2016 John Holt the CEO and President of NexBank Capital Inc. received a great opportunity. This opportunity was to serve as a panelist at the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. This such panel was titled “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”.

This conference is a meeting place for bank consultants, leaders, and advisors to share their ideas on the important challenges and opportunities that they face. Both the participants and panelists discover strategic opportunities through the performance of the M&A, also in the branching and organic growth.

Aside from the conference, the mission of NexBank is to be committed to their clients and deliver uncommon value at any chance they get. They give their clients unmatched access to modified and difficult solutions brought to them by experienced professionals with records with proof of success.

Now, some simple facts about NexBank. This bank is a regional bank which contains $5.3 billion as well as a charter dating back to 1922. Their legal lending limit is $101 million with syndication abilities for bigger transactions. Finally, the Small Business Association gives them a preferred lender status.


Waiakea Water is Changing the Water Industry in Favor of the Planet

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water launched in 2012 and has grown exponentially, 5,000% to be exact. In 2015 alone they were able to add their product in almost 2,000 stores across the United States. Waiakea developed their water with health, charitable actions, and sustainability in mind. They celebrated this expansion by opening another facility in Hawaii to manufacture the product. Waiakea has recognized a growing desire for their product and intend to meet the demand.

Waiakea water is on the mission to encourage people to drink ethically. They partnered with Pump Aid to donate clean water: 650 liters for every liter sold. Their donated water has reached rural and struggling areas of Africa.

One major thing that makes Waiakea stand out from other water companies in the world is the fact that they face the world differently. They are the first company to provide premium bottled water and be certified as CarbonNeutral®. Many people are opposed to bottled water, and, usually, it’s warranted. The bottles produce excessive amounts of pollution and garbage; many bottles aren’t recycled properly and spend their lives in land fills and trash piles. The way their bottles are produced creates ninety percent less emissions than traditional bottled water companies. Their packaging is created with recycled bottles. Everything they do gives their customers the feelings of contributing to a better world and a brighter future.
Along with being sustainable and maintaining a focus on philanthropy, Waiakea water also provides many health benefits. The water comes from a naturally filtered and clean source, which includes minerals and is organically alkaline. The Waiakea springs water is filtered naturally through volcanic rock instead of machinery causing pollution. Another huge benefit to consuming this water is it naturally has the perfect amount of silica in it. Scientific studies have shown that consuming the correct amount of silica will reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s by eleven percent!

Two of the most popular stores that you can find this water at include Whole Foods and Wawa. They are starting to expand into other stores around the globe. The founders of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water have thought their product through and are always developing earth-friendly ways to provide the benefits of volcanic water to the world.

Mike Baur’s Success and Career Accomplishments

About Mike Baur


Mike Baur is an accomplished Swiss entrepreneur. He has over 20 years of experience in the banking industry. He worked for Clariden Leu and UBS before quitting to start his startup companies. In 2014, Mike partnered with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister to start Swiss Startup Factory, an accelerator for innovative startups. Besides, Mike participated as a jury member at the START Summiteer, a startup acceleration contest held at the University of St Gallen.


Mike was appointed the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest after it joined forces with Swiss Startup Factory. Besides, Mike led Swiss Startup Factory through its partnership with Fintech Fusion as well as its accelerator program with Goldback Group. Mike Baur accomplished his goal of empowering young digital entrepreneurs by co-founding Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. The accelerator provides mentoring and training to digital young entrepreneurs in Switzerland. It also provides financial support to promising start-ups. Again, its accelerator program provides access to rent-free offices in Zurich, Switzerland.


Participating start-ups learn how to market their products and services in the global marketplace. Again, Swiss Startup accelerator program creates an opportunity to network with fellow digital entrepreneurs. Participants also learn how to obtain funding from investors. That helps increase the likelihood of long-term success.


Besides providing funds to tech startups, SSUF encourages them to attend pitching contests. In fact, Mike served as a juror during START Summiteer, a pitching competition held in 2014. The event creates a platform for the founders of 30 new start-ups to showcase their products, business models, and plans publicly. Experienced financial experts evaluate several aspects of their projects before declaring the winner. In fact, Mike’s participation in the START Summiteer helped establish SSUF as a credible and reputable startup accelerator.


Today, Mike Baur continues to work in the SSUF while still running Think Reloaded, a firm that focuses on providing financial advice to affluent clients. At SSUF, Mike concentrates on mentoring and funding young tech entrepreneurs in Switzerland. Besides, he sits on the board of BV4. Although Mike Baur could have devoted his life to a lucrative banking career, he decided to follow his passion. His efforts have helped many tech entrepreneurs to refine and implement their ideas. Mike Baur’s SSUF promotes technological progress and economic development by making investment funds available to promising entrepreneurs. Again, its accelerator programs expedite the start-up process to ensure innovations enter the market at opportune times.


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