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There are several pharmaceutical companies that try diligently to compete with the Marathon Pharmaceutical network. They focus on low level pharmaceuticals while other brands are focused on doing numbers. Marathon works with patients that suffer from debilitating illnesses. Their medical professionals focus on movement disorders, cancer, and much more. They understand how important it is for their patients to get reliable healthcare. Build a healthcare network that will allow you to live a productive lifestyle. Thousands of customers are choosing the Marathon network to build a gateway for better medical attention in a complex industry.


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You can choose from a solid medical plan that will allow you to pick and choose your desired treatment. Marathon is responsible for popular medicine like PEPCID® and Amytal Sodium for serious illnesses. They’ve been able to compete with other successful big name medical professionals in the industry by creating reliable medicine in several clinical studies and medical trials. You’ll be glad to know you’re getting treatment with a competent medical provider. They’ve been able to revolutionize the way people see the medical industry. Trust their team of professionals to give you a second chance at productivity with reliable medicine.


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Marathon remains committed to medicine one patient at a time. They specialize in personalized care to solve their patients illnesses or medical problems. Their team of professionals remain committed to your unique medical needs. You can enjoy the benefits of knowing Marathon wants to see your love ones well. The rising cost of medicine has also left a lot of patients stranded without the medical attention they need. Learn more about Marathon by visiting their official website for more details. Marathon Pharmaceuticals is making ground breaking therapy in medicine.



The Philantrophy Of Perry Mandera

The Custom Companies was started by Perry Mandera. He has grown his company into being one of the largest logistics and transportation companies throughout North America. He has created a sense of giving and charity in his company. The community of Chicago has benefited from the generous acts of Perry Mandera’s company.


There are many things that Perry Mandera enjoys giving back to. Particularly, he likes helping children. He has helped the children of Chicago for many years. He has participated in many fundraisers that raise money to donate back to local causes that help to benefit the children of Chicago. Around the holidays, the businessman sponsors events that give back. He always makes sure to work with organizations that are personal to him. Wherever he places his money, it is to a cause or charity he feels deeply connected to. The University of Chicago is one of the places he donates money. Catholic Charities and Lynn Sage Foundation are two more charities he donates money to.


One impressive factor about Perry Mandera’s giving is how his giving is not limited to financial donations. He has worked during the winter months to collect coats and make sure over one thousand adults and children had coats for the brutal Chicago winter. Christmas is his favorite holiday. To make sure others have an enjoyable Christmas, he has donated clothing and money and goods to people in need. He makes sure Chicago families do not go without a warm meal during the Christmas season.


Perry Mandera is regarded as a mentor and coach to the youth of Chicago. He has coached, basketball and baseball teams for the community. He regularly makes donations to his church. He is a sponsor of The Mercy Home. He has worked to make sure the charity continues to open and maintain the youth homes they have opened throughout the Chicago area. Although he is such a busy man, he makes time for his family. Spending time with his family is a priority. Making sure The Custom Companies are a fully functional company is one of his many priorities as well.

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Roberto Santiago And His Manaira Shopping Center

The Manaira Shopping Center by Roberto Santiago is a step forward for that region of Brazil, and it is a place where people can get jobs, live comfortably, and have all the retail options they need. The Manaira Shopping Center is something that he has invested in a lot over the years, and he wants to make it into the largest and most beautiful center of its type in Brazil.


  1. Why The Shopping Center?


The shopping center is a place where people can shop, live, and work comfortably. They can walk to anything they need, and there are residential units around the area that allow people to live close if they work there. This particular development is one that Roberto is proud of because he has built what amounts to a small city in this one place.


  1. Partners


Roberto has many partners who have brought their businesses to the area, and he has used these partners to help grow the area so that it has more than just the retail options. The retail options are places where people can go to shop, and they are also places where people can get jobs. They have the chance to work for a wide range of companies, and the area becomes more diverse because of these partnerships.


  1. All Sorts Property


Roberto has created property around the area that ranges from commercial to industrial and residential. He has built up a property that allows people to get a range of jobs, and the people who live there live in modern housing that was created in the same style of the shopping mall. This is the best place for someone to come to get a fresh start, and it looks beautiful.


  1. Conclusion


The shopping mall that Roberto Santiago has built at Manaira is something special for the region. This part of Brazil can grow around this amazing shopping mal, and it can become a landmark that people will fall in love with. It is a perfect place for people to go for a new job, to shop, or to live with many amenities.



How Dr. Dov Rand’s Youthful Interests Led To His Professional Development

Dr. Dov Rand is a medical doctor who practices as a bioidentical hormone specialist. He opened his own practice a number of years ago called Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He uses an evidence-based approach to medicine which is used to help people achieve optimal health as they age.

He was born in Washington D.C. and says that he loved sports as a child. Dr. Dov Rand says he learned from sports how to work hard and be determined to give things his best effort. His favorite sport was tennis and he played this throughout his teenage years. He was also interested in medicine and decided to pursue becoming a doctor after graduating from high school.

He earned his bachelor’s degree at Rutgers University. Dr. Dov Rand attended the Howard University College of Medicine for his medical degree. It was at Saint Barnabas Medical Center that he finished his internship. His residency was completed in New York City at the Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Dr. Dov Rand has been highly interested in health and nutrition ever since he started playing sports. He started to learn more about these subjects once he was practicing medicine. He read a number of studies which showed that what people eat and how they treat their bodies overall can dramatically affect health. He decided to start Health Aging Medical Centers as an extension of this research.

He says that each day he starts out with a workout in the morning before he eats breakfast and heads to his clinic. Most of Dr. Dov Rand’s day is taken up consulting with patients and doing follow-up work. He says that he is always on call so he usually answers at least a few patients questions once he is home later in the day.

One of the most exciting things in the healthcare industry Dr. Dov Rand says is the use of genetic markers. As people in the industry get more skilled at testing and recognizing these he says that people will be increasingly receiving a more personalized approach to their care by doctors such as himself.



Stansberry Research Changing the Investing Game

When it comes to a company that provides many of the most important tools and resources for the investor class, Stansberry Research has worked hard to build a base of subscribers and fellow investors since 1999. Stansberry Research provides that ever important financial knowledge in many different market milieus. The number of helpful resources that they have like books, software and website resources like, and also live seminars with notable guest speakers.


Stansberry Research is a company that is very versatile in the methods that they use to provide helpful resources to their important stakeholders, clients, and customers. As a privately held firm, Stansberry Research publishes in-depth opinions of its team as well as weekly and daily publications for its subscriber base. Stansberry also provides in-depth commentary on financial-related news and trading opportunities in the gold and silver markets. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, Stansberry has many other offices in the U.S.


Stansberry has a trifecta of resources like Complete Portfolio Solutions, Macro-Level Services, and the Stansberry’s Investment Advisory. The Complete Portfolio Solutions includes the Capital Portfolio, Income Portfolio, and Total Portfolio. The Macro-Level Services include Retirement Millionaire, True Wealth, Commodity Supercycles, Stansberry Gold & Silver Investor as well as Extreme Value. The Stansberry’s Investment Advisory includes the following list of notable resources:


  • DailyWealth Trader


  • Income Intelligence


  • Stansberry’s Credit Opportunities



  • True Wealth Systems


  • Stansberry Venture Technology


  • Stansberry’s Big Trade


  • Stansberry Venture Value


  • Stansberry Alpha


  • True Wealth Opportunities: China


Stansberry Research also has free services like “Daily Wealth,” “Health & Wealth Bulletin,” “The Crux,” and their “Investor Hour Podcast.” There are also very astute writers who contribute to “Stansberry Research.” This newsletter covers investments and other helpful financial information for its dedicated readership base. “Stansberry Research” has writers unhand who write in-depth about speculative investing and cryptocurrency. Stansberry also has a base of 500 thousand subscribers, globally and approximately 70 thousand lifetime subscribers as well.

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Stansberry Research Gives Unique Insights into Risk and Wealth



Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Knows Knees

Being athletic and participating in sports is known to be good for your overall health. However, one drawback to a lifetime of intense physical activity is the stress it places on your joints, such as your knees. Arthritis can set up and cause tremendous chronic pain that pain relievers may dull, but really can’t make go away. The pain can be debilitating and greatly interfere with normal activities and quality of life. Often, the only solution is surgery.


In an appearance on WPIX-11 Morning News, Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum discussed a procedure known as partial knee resurfacing. According to Dr. Kirschenbaum, who specializes in minimal invasion techniques, a knee has three separate compartments, and when only one part of the knee is affected by disease, the person is an excellent candidate for partial knee resurfacing. Using a combination of metal and plastic parts, doctors are able to resurface the end of the bone, and leave the healthy parts of the knee in place. This allows all ligaments to stay in place, and is more likely to allow the person to retain the feeling of their old knee.


Partial knee resurfacing is obviously less traumatic to healthy bone and tissue than a total knee replacement in which all parts of the knee are removed and replaced with artificial parts. There is also a high chance for failure in a total replacement, and often in ten or so years, it will have to be replaced again. In cases of severe arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, a total knee replacement is often the only choice as these patients are not good candidates for a partial treatment. Dr. Kirschenbaum states that probably 70% of all knee problems involves only one part of the joint, and can be helped enormously by partial knee resurfacing.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum not only performs partial replacements, but has developed surgical instruments for knee and hip operations. He is also involved in active research on knee and hip replacements with a great interest in achieving results in the least invasive manner. Dr. Kirschenbaum is well recognized for his innovative techniques and dedication to his patients.

The Commitments of Adam Milstein to Jewish People

Adam Milstein is known for being one of the most influential people in the United States of America. He is one of the Israel American Council co-founding members. The Israel American Council was established back in the year 2007 in Los Angeles. Mr. Milstein is serving in the organization as the chairman of the board. His leadership has aided the IAC to grow very fast reaching more regions in the United States. Adam Milstein with his wife Gila founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which aims at assisting Americans with Jewish origin understand more about their origin.

Adam likes working with youth because he believes that they are the people who will make sure their determinations are fruitful in the years to come. Currently, there is a big number of young leaders who are committed to Israel-American relation. Adam Milstein gets excited to see the young people enthusiasm and leadership because the courage and passion that he sees in them are good signs that there are young people willing to defend their community against even against anti-Semitism.

One of the Adam Milstein’s long term in his career is to inspire the young people to feel proud connected to their Jewish identity as well as the Jewish state and encourage them to inspire their children to maintain that strong connection. He is involved in the boards of various Israel-focused and Jewish organizations such as AIPAC National Council, Birthright Israel and others.

One thing that Adam Milstein has learned is the importance of understanding the history and answering the questions such as who you are and where you come from. There are questions that must be answered in order to succeed in their mission as a Jewish people. The young people need to be taught about their history in order for them to protect their tradition because they need to understand what they are protecting.

Adam Milstein moved to the United States in 1981 to do master’s degree. He later started real estate investment where he did very well. Currently he is working as the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a company that owns and manages more than 100 properties across the United States of America.


How GreenSky Credits Differs from the Competition

GreenSky Credit is a company in the financial technology or fintech industry. This company was founded in 2006. Throughout the company’s history, they’ve worked with mostly merchants and banks. In turn, these merchants and banks have been able to create loans for consumers.

What Sets GreenSky Credit Apart from Others?

What makes GreenSky Credit different from many lenders is that they don’t use their own capital. Instead, this company partners with a network of 14 separate banks. In turn, GreenSky is able to provide program loans to merchants in their network of clients. GreenSky also allows businesses to offer credit to their customers, helping to increase company growth rates faster than normal. Currently, GreenSky partners with a select few types of companies. These industries include furniture, home improvement, and medical providers.

The Immense Value of This Company

On GreenSky’s Wikipedia page, there’s a link connected to a recent article from Bloomberg. In this article, it’s mentioned that GreenSky currently has a valuation of $3.6 billion. On May 14th, GreenSky officially launched its IPO or initial public offering. In other words, GreenSky stock recently became public. The company was able to offer 34.09 million shares. In addition, the price per share stayed within the $21-$23 range.

The Future Looks Bright for GreenSky Credit

Many newer companies have a hard time establishing a customer base. This isn’t a problem for GreenSky Credit. According to their official website, they currently have a network of over 13,000 merchants. One notable client is Home Depot, one of the largest home improvement chain stores in the United States. In addition, GreenSky has already served nearly 2 million customers.

To summarize, GreenSky is certainly a leader within the financial technology industry. This company set out with a simple goal in mind which was to make obtaining loans easier. Many people and companies often have a hard time receiving loans through standard processes. Fortunately, GreenSky is continuing to improve how the fintech industry operates.

Woodford’s Claim Against Sahm Adrangi

Earlier this year, investor Neil Woodford launched a lawsuit against Sahm Adrangi and the U.S. hedge fund, Kerrisdale Capital. Woodford claims that Adrangi and Kerrisdale irreparable damaged the reputation of the Irish biotech company, Prothena $PERA in which he was heavily invested, after Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale viciously and publicly criticized the ineffective of Prothena’s leading drug, NEODOO1. His investment is so strong in the company that Prothena makes a large part of the Woodford Patient Capital Trust, an investment trust focused on technology and healthcare companies. In their defense, Kerrisdale says that they conducted a months-long intensive research of the drug and consulted with international experts and other top leaders in the field.

Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale’s findings were released in November 2017 in a 29-page report. In reply, Woodford said all of the research was inaccurate and unsubstantiated. He said Kerrisdale and Sahm Adrangi realized this but didn’t care because in the present environment consumers are always ready to think the worst of any drug. However, Kerrisdale believes in its findings so strongly that it has shorted Prothena. The drug in question, NEODOO1, is an antibody that is supposed to treat a rare disease known as amyloidosis. Kerrisdale did the same thing with Allied Minds in 2015 which still hasn’t recovered.

And although he can’t sue them, he also blames the press for helping make this all so much worse. Woodford’s angst is exacerbated by the fact that he has had a number of big investments in recent years that have gone bad. Nevertheless, it does appear that things might get better for Prothena since its share values have slowly begun to rise since January. In addition, other companies in the WPCT are promising to get better in the near future. The present lawsuit appears to be just one part of the long-running feud between Sahm Adrangi and Woodford than anything else.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio And The Arrests Of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Two of the most racist men in America have teamed up to break the laws of the United States of America.

One of them is named Donald Trump and the other one is famously called Sheriff Joe Arpaio. And this all stems from a contempt charge that the sheriff earned while enforcing racist policies in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were working in executive positions for Village Voice Media when they exposed the racist Sheriff’s actions. They helped publish a litany of articles in the Phoenix New Times which illustrated inhumane conditions at the Maricopa County jail and racial profiling being perpetrated by the sheriff’s department.

A federal court ordered Sheriff Joe and his office to stop profiling Latinos. The sheriff’s department was famous for pulling over anybody that looked Latino in order to hunt down “illegal immigrants.”

Firstly, it is outside of the jurisdiction of a state law enforcement agency to enforce immigration laws. Secondly, it is unconstitutional to pull somebody over simply based on the color of their skin.

The federal court held the sheriff in contempt when he defied the orders. He was found guilty and a sentencing hearing was set. That’s when blatantly racist Donald Trump saved the day for the corrupt sheriff. Learn more about Jim Michael and Michael Lacey: and

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was convicted in federal court which allowed the president to issue a pardon for the contempt charge. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was forced to admit guilt in court before receiving the pardon. It’s a shame that he was not able to spend any time in jail as he believed in the “strict enforcement” of the letter of the law.

Donald Trump and Joe Arpaio showed incredibly racist tendencies while defying the laws of the United States of America together. One continues to serve as president and the other one walks free. And Sheriff Joe Arpaio has a long history of horrible and inhumane abuses of power.

The stories of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are absolutely heartbreaking. They were arrested in the middle of the night by the Sheriff’s Department at their own homes.

They were thrown into jail and spent 24 days behind bars before being released and filing a lawsuit. They won $3.7 million worth of damages against the Sheriff’s Department which the taxpayers of Arizona paid for.

The two first amendment advocates used the money to open up nonprofit organizations to help Latinos in the Maricopa County area as a way to thumb their noses at the racist former sheriff.

Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Speak Out on Trump Pardon of Arpaio | Phoenix New Times

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