The Biotech Therapy for Atypical Patients by Clay Siegall

Dr, Clay Siegall is the founder, chairman, president and CEO of Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics was established in 1998 to address the unexplored medical field of antibody therapy for cancer and rare diseases. The company has grown regarding facilities, application, and staff capacity. Seattle Genetics was the first pioneer company to be approved by FDA for antibody drug manufacture commercially.

Apparently, they have been able to produce over 20 drugs in collaboration with drug manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies such as Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Bayer, Pfizer and Genentech just to mention a few. This has harmonized a team of specialized medical researchers working day and night to come up with new and better innovations in drug development and cancer treatment. Seattle Genetics now has a wide portfolio of antibody-based drugs.

Dr. Clay Siegall developed interest first in cancer treatment when his relative almost succumbed to it, not for cancer but rather the chemotherapy procedure. Motivated by technological advancement, he began researching for alternative modes of target therapy and not the systematic chemotherapies. In his fact-finding effort at the school identified radical surgery and amputation as an alternative treatment. Driven by this, Seattle Genetics came to being.

The company has become very relevant in the 21st century that has been characterized by a high rise in the number of patients with rare and fatal diseases. In the process, the company makes profits from the sale of FDA approved antibody drug, production partnership and licensing of technologies. From the portfolio, ADCetris is doing well and was recently approved for three indications. The company has over $675 million through public and private financing, which is a good amount.

About Dr. Clay Siegall

Siegall holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington. He has authored more than 70 publications and 15 patents. Clay Siegall has in the past worked for the Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute. He has been affiliated with various institutions by the virtue of being a board member. Such institutions include Alder BioPharmaceuticals, Washington Roundtable, Mirna Therapeutics and Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals.


Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the co-founder and executive chairman of Swiss Startup Factory. In education he achieved an MBA from Berne University as well as an MBA from Rochester University. Baur comes from Switzerland. Mike Baur is not only an entrepreneur but also a leader and an investor thus being so successful. Baur has been in the banking industry for 20 years. He started off this journey in Switzerland, he is grateful for to his accomplishment because his skills in entrepreneurship helped him attain so much.


Mike Baur is a generous man who has dedicated himself to assisting upcoming businessmen in enhancing their enterprises as well as boosting their skills in business. Since he resides in Switzerland, he uses that opportunity to keep on helping and advising young entrepreneurs to enhance their business. He does not only advise them on the right thing to do in a business but also assists them financially in starting their businesses. He advises them to follow the good values to achieve better administration. Since he is the executive chairman of Swiss Startup Factory, Baur is responsible for fundraising and financial procedures. The organization has linked up with other companies including Fintech Fusion and CTI.


Swiss StartUp Factory is named among the best private firms because of so much that it has achieved. The organization is also in charge of training upcoming entrepreneurs in finding the right path to entrepreneurship. Some of the coaching includes a 3-month course that is provided by the organization, the young businessmen attend this course for the purpose of building their skills. The units in the course are such as working space, finance and counseling. These units are very important when it comes to business.

Other than that, Swiss Startup Factory is able to start unique businesses that will in future bear good fruits. As the chairman of the firm, Baur uses the objective called teamwork to enhance the success of the company. team work is very important because it creates so much profit to the company and keeps customers coming. The upcoming businessmen also follow the advice of starting off well since it will determine where they will head.


Apart from taking the 3 months course, the entrepreneurs are privileged to display their skills thus they will be led well by the leaders of the firm. Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory are glad for the ongoing excellent work that has created s much accomplishment.


Madison Street Capital Arranges Minority Equity for ARES Security

Earlier this year, Madison Street Capital acted as the financial advisor of ARES Security in the Minority Recapitalization. Representing the leading enterprise security firm has significantly improved Madison Street Capital Reputation.



The Corbel Structured Equity Partners provided the Minority Recapitalization. ARES announced that working with Corbel would greatly improve the equity value of the investment. It is anticipated that Corbel Capital Solution will help to increase ARES’ revenue and sales momentum. ARES Security protects the most vital assets in the world.



Corbel Structured Equity Partners is an Equity Fund, founded in 2013. The Fund has over $ 95 million capital.



Charles Botchway, Chief Executive Officer of Madison, announced the recapitalization. According to ARES Security working with Madison Street Capital was the best decision. Madison worked to secure the best financial partner for the investment and also in facilitating a smooth transaction.



Madison Street Capital



Madison Street Capital in a private investment bank operating in different parts of the world. The firm is committed to providing excellent services to its clients by promoting integrity, innovation, and excellence.



Madison Street Capital, founded in 2005 has assisted many clients across a wide range of industries. The Company believes that every client is unique and that is why they take the time to analyze the needs before providing the services. The Company offers a wide range of services including business valuation, corporate advisory and financial options.



The vision of the Company is to provide its customers with the best mergers and acquisition. Madison Street Capital deals with all types of clients including the middle market business owners. Middle Market businesses experience challenges when searching for the best financial partner for their customers is a challenge. That is why working with Madison has proven to be a worthwhile adventure. Madison Street Capital strategy is to understand the needs of the client and evaluate the company before the actual work begins.



Madison Street Capital has created an international presence by opening offices in Africa, Asia, and North America. With the many customers they have, Madison has grown to become the leading private firm that deals with Mergers and Acquisitions. They also offer corporate governance services across the globe.



Over the years, Madison Street Capital has hired people with the skills and expertise in the business. The team has the experience and extensive knowledge in Mergers &Acquisition. It is their ability to match the right buyers with active sellers.


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Creating Success in the Financial Market Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II has commonly been associated with the work of his father. His father was one of the original creators of the money market in the United States. His father has been a well-established figure in the financial sector, so much so, that Bruce Bent II took it upon himself to get into the financial management sector and make a name for himself through his own personal skill set. Bruce Bent II’s work is perhaps most known for his continued time at Double Rock Incorporated, a company in which Bent he has held the position President and Vice Chairman.

Double Rock Incorporated
Bent II has worked at Double Rock Incorporated since he got into the financial sector. His time there has allowed him to excel as a fiscal manager and achieve new heights in fund management. The company would also serve as a basis for all of the work in which Bent II would complete in his future by providing him with the experience needed to carve out an illustrious career at Hallmark Trusts and establish himself as one of the leaders in the financial management industry. Bent II’s time and effort have continuously been rewarded with his need to prove himself and continue to prove his own legacy over that of his fathers.

Hallmark Trust and Bruce Bent II
Bent II spent a great deal of time working with Hallmark Trust obtaining the position of a co-creative officer. His time with Hallmark has allowed him to excel as a national money management leader and push his career into the limelight much further than even his father. Bruce Bent II’s time with Hallmark allowed him to become more equipped at dealing with fiscal responsibility in helping others transfer and manage finances. Trust management is extremely popular and important in the United States with more and more people placing their money into trusts each year thus elevating the importance of Bent II’s position.

Bent II continues to succeed within the business world as a pioneer of the trust management sector. With the money market having been created by his father, Bruce Bent II have continued to excel as one of the finest business leaders.

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Reaching Out To Dr. Villanueva

Dr. Villanueva has everything that you need when it comes to getting the best oral health care that you need. By taking advantage of all of the services that he offers, you will be able to get the high standard of dentistry that you could ever receive. By reaching out to MB2 Dental, you will be in an excellent position to take full advantage of every piece of service that Dr. Chris Villanueva can offer you. To learn a little bit more, read on and then schedule an appointment to visit MB2 Dental at your earliest convenience.


#1: Routine teeth cleanings


They are a lot of dentists available, but Dr. Villanueva is excellent at providing you with the routine cleanings that you need. These annual teeth cleanings are the bread and butter of oral healthcare and you can count on the help that these professionals offer. MB2 dental is great at this and can gladly clean your teeth whenever you need it.


#2: Extensive dental repairs


When you need the help of high-quality dentists, you also need to keep in mind that you may someday need extensive repairs. For example, root canals are common dental procedures that people take advantage of whenever they are dealing with infections that have torn away at their enamel. By making the most of these repairs, you can fix your teeth with no problem — thanks in large part to the help of Dr. Villanueva. He specializes in root canals and similar procedures and can gladly help you when you need it.


#3: Cosmetic services


It will be useful to you to reach out to this office because there are a lot of dentists who can provide you cosmetic procedures on staff. For example, if you want to be sure that you are able to keep your teeth as sparkly as possible, make sure that you reach out to the help of a dental professional who can provide you teeth whitening. MB2 Dental specializes in teeth whitening and a host of other cosmetic procedures whenever you require an appointment that will make your teeth look as great as they possibly can.


By accounting for these principles, you can quickly see exactly why this dentist is one of the best people that you are able to reach out to. By managing these three prospects, you will have everything that you need to get the oral health care that you require.


Squaw Valley Responds to Water Hazard

In October 2016, the upper mountain area of Squaw Valley was inundated with an unexpected 10 inches of rainfall. At the time of year when snow is the norm, this deluge produced a significant problem of water contamination for the upper mountains ski area. Squaw Valley immediately notified guests staying in the affected areas that used the now contaminated water supply and provided bottled water for drinking and cooking. The local water control authorities were also notified. The restaurants at the upper mountain remain closed until this water issue is rectified.

Anyone who knows about keeping natural well water pure and safe for drinking knows that large amounts of rain can mix with the soil and any contaminants in the soil at the surface and flow into the previously clean water source. The natural filtration that takes place with regular rainfall is not a problem, but this rain was of biblical proportions and hence the contamination problem for Squaw Valley.

Squaw Valley regards the safety and health of their guests as being of the utmost importance and is doing everything in their power to rectify the problem caused by this enormous rainfall and subsequent contamination. Read the full article here: http://http/

Squaw Valley remains an iconic ski resort that is using all the latest technologies available to be cognizant of the local weather and the chance of precipitation and snowfall. The resort uses the latest snowmaking hardware and snow grooming techniques to make the resort the best skiing experience for all skiiers. This water quality problem should be cleared up by the fall ski season.



What Vijay Eswaran’s Books Really Mean For The Readers

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman who manages several companies under the parent company, QI Group Ltd. He’s helped the impoverished areas of Asia through this company, and he’s also a philanthropist and a man who values spiritual practices. Eswaran is the author of In The Sphere Of Silence and In The Thinking Zone which discuss his personal meditation philosophies that guide him throughout the day.

Eswaran has talked about what it really means to take time out of your day to reflect, meditate and listen instead of just talking. He’s looked up to civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi throughout his whole life and his books have drawn inspiration from Gandhi’s work.

Vijay Eswaran grew up in Malaysia but has traveled throughout the world and has many experiences that have shaped his life and work.

He studied under some world-renowned professors at the London School of Economics where he got his bachelor’s in socioeconomics. But Eswaran didn’t go into the corporate world just yet. Instead he took a year off from school where he worked various odd jobs including construction, cab driving and even grape harvesting. Read more: Vijay Eswaran in Forbes Philanthropy Heroes list

He started becoming interested in business marketing and eventually he completed his MBA at Southern Illinois University. After serving as a consultant for several computer technology companies, Eswaran entered multilevel marketing and decided to pursue a career in the field after returning to Malaysia. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

It took quite some time to gain traction in the multilevel marketing industry, and even though Eswaran and his partner Joseph Bismarck were hard workers and visionaries, many were still skeptical about their endeavors. But they put all they had into their new upstart named QI Group Ltd., and soon the company started seeing growth. QI Group’s flagship company, QNET has been the catalyst for profits in the direct selling industry and all products sold by QNET must be bought through its independent sales representatives.

Eswaran also started a real estate investment and lending company in QI Asset Management, and he’s also sold luxurious products and paid vacations through Q-Style. Most importantly, Eswaran has given back to the Malaysian and Indian communities through RYTHM Foundation, a non-profit branch of QI Group that helps children with disabilities and offers assistance to those affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

UKV PLC Dedicated Consultants Of Quality Wine

UKV PLC is a small team of dedicated wine consultants that are based in Croydon, UK which specializes in the acquisition and sale of quality, bonded fine wine and champagne. UKV PLC has an extensive network of traders within the wine world. This large network gives them access to acquiring quality wine from the leading vineyards of France, Italy and Spain.

UKV PLC focus is on giving personal service not only to those that enjoy the pleasure of drinking wine, but also for those who want to develop a private wine cellar or a wine collection. For those individuals who wish to acquire wine as an investment, they offer their brokerage service.

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Why would one want to invest in wine? Centuries ago, it was used as a form of currency in exchange for goods. Today, people regard fine wine as an asset and a way to safeguard their funds when there are troubled economic times.

A small sampling of the wines offered by UKV PLC from high to low are:

Petrus 2011 reveals a lot of mulberry and dark cherry fruit with tannin. This 100% Merlot is aged in 55% new oak with a natural alcohol tipping the scale at 13.5%. It is lighter tan 2010, 2009, and 2008, and should be ready to drink within 2-4 years. It’s life span is 15-20 years.

Chauteau Pavie 2000 was bottled in 2003 and has a 60% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon blend. It was created by Bordeaux. It will be close to drinking around 2010 or later. Maturity is expected between 2010-2050.
Sassocaoa. San Guido 2010 is a Rosemary, sage, plum and black cherry blend.

The different categories of wines that UKV PLC have available are, Bordeaux, Italian, Burgundy, Spanish and Champagnes.

Learn more about UKV PLC:

Jeremy Goldstein’s Advice on selecting suitable lawyers for all tort cases

Were you involved in an accident and injured due to the wrongdoing of another person? Do you feel that you want to get the other party to be brought to justice and be compensated for the physical and psychological damage that the accident caused you? Well, with the help of a good plaintiff attorney it is possible to make a case and win. Here is helpful information about hiring a competent lawyer such as Jeremy Goldstein.


Before you start the process of making a compensation claim, you must make sure you qualify. To qualify, your injury must have resulted from the careless acts of another person. Cases that require these attorneys include falls at the place of work, accidents due to reckless driving by another person, medical mistakes among many others. Once you qualify, you can start looking for a lawyer.


Jeremy Goldstein will help you gather evidence for your case. Among the evidence you will need is medical proof of your injury. You might also need to show how the accident affected your productivity. Bank statements and work reports from before and after the accidents will help do that.


Another crucial thing to know is how much to ask for as compensation. Most people settle for less because they do not know what they should be paid. A good plaintiff attorney like Jeremy will examine your case and tell you how much to request. They will assist you get justice and be paid for the inconvenience caused. In addition to that, they will use the evidence to prove that you deserve the pay you are claiming.


Unfortunately, not all compensation cases are settled out of court. If the other party is too stubborn, you might have to go to court. When you have a plaintiff attorney by your side, you are assured of fair legal representation. The lawyer will best present the case to the judge and persuade the jury to rule in your favor.


About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy is a lawyer with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. The company deals with issues such as compensation committees and management teams in compensation committees. Other activities that he takes part in include the charitable organization Fountain House, which helps people with mental illnesses.


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Doe Deere and Lime Crime

As everyone knows her as the Queen of Unicorns, Doe Deere has her foot in the makeup industry and her bright and bold hair colors show it. This is her story and how she made her own company called Lime Crime.


Doe Deere was born in Russia and spent her days growing up there until she was seventeen. Once she turned that age she moved to the US choosing New York as her first state in mind. Her dreams were to be a musician and that’s what she did, and now she’s moved onto Los Angeles. From the music industry she’s learned how to craft her career and marketing and even joked that she used to sell temporary tattoos when she was thirteen. From jamming with her band, she met her now husband who lives happily with her. Since then Doe has moved from music to the cosmetic scene.


Doe encourages younger women to follow their hearts and to do what they love to do and to tune into the universe. When she did that was when her company Lime Crime came to life. Her passion for makeup gives her hope and freedom to be and look like however she wants. She saw that makeup is usually in a dark color pallet and there weren’t many that had bright colors. Doe the decided to make her makeup colors bright and bold in hopes that other women want to free themselves too, and a lot do. She posted her makeup on ebay in 2004 and ever since then it’s been a major hit. It grew so big that in 2014 it was targeted by hackers and customer’s credit card information were stolen. Doe Deere had to increase her security and went and contacted all of her customers regaining their trust in here brand.


Lime Crime’s main focus is to see how they can change up the makeup game and how it makes you feel. Doe was mainly inspired by Kimberley Gordon and her company Wildfox. Their companies launched roughly around the same timeframe and they have a lot in common. Doe is proud that she’s had a great mentor like her and they both support each other’s brands.

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