Parents can use TeenSafe to Protect their Kids from the Growing Dark Presence on the Internet

Many parents honestly know about the danger of the internet. However, there is a side of the online world they might not even be aware of. It is called the Dark Web and it is a region of the internet that any person with good sense would simply avoid. The Dark Web is a place where people can engage in atrocious acts, buy illegal drugs, secure weapons, join terrorist organizations and even find people who are willing to commit abominable acts against other individuals. What’s even scarier is the anonymity of the Dark Web. People can literally hide in the dark reaches of the Dark Web to wait for victims. Once a person stumbles upon their site, they can quickly become victimized.


Malicious codes can deceptively steal information from a computer that visits a hidden Dark Web site. People can even set up programs that can automatically spy on visitors who stumble upon a site. There have even been reports about people coming up missing or even found deceased shortly after visiting the Dark Web. While this type of thing does not typically happen, there are incidents where it does occur.


TeenSafe was created to stop internet threats that take place on regular websites. However, the software also has the ability to detect strange web activity by users. If a child accesses the Dark Web, parents will quickly discover this irregular behavior with the use of TeenSafe. TeenSafe might not be able to tell a parent what a child was viewing during their visit to the Dark Web; but it can certainly tell them that their child was some forbidden place while online.


The last thing any parent needs is to be approached by national law enforcement officials who suspect their child of some major criminal activity. TeenSafe will help to keep parents in the know about what is going on with their child’s online habits. Ultimately, the Dark Web is not a place for children to visit and TeenSafe can help to ensure that they never are exposed to this dark presence.

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