Prevent Doxxing Attacks

Getting ‘doxxed’ is one of the biggest threats to internet users in today’s information age. The internet is one of the most important tools int he world due to how it lets us connect with people anywhere on the planet. The internet is also a tool that can be abused, allowing sinister folks to accumulate data on other people before abusing their privacy rights and stealing their identity. Darius Fisher, the CEO of Status Labs, is focused on making sure as few people as possible suffer from this form of ‘doxxing’ attack. The reputation management CEO brought up some wonderful tips for avoiding falling victim yourself.

The first tip that the Status Labs CEO advocated was simple in text but difficult in practice: remove as much information regarding yourself from the internet.  This means that you need to dig deep to find all of your online information. Once you’ve done this try to get as much removed as possible: email web owners, take down what you can access, and get a lawyer involved if required.

Next up Fisher advocates the frequent changing of your passwords. Not only do you want to get into a habit of changing your passwords frequently, but you want to make sure that you don’t use the same password for multiple accounts. The reason for this is simple: if you end up losing one account’s security then the rest will likely fall. Make your passwords a combination of letters, symbols, numbers and more. Keep your passwords collected in an offline notebook if you are afraid of forgetting them. Don’t store your different passwords on your computer or anywhere on the internet as they can potentially get hacked.

Set up a Google Alert on your name and make sure to frequently search yourself. Staying proactive is the best way to get rid of any potentially damaging content before it gets posted.



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