Recommendations Made By Osteo Relief Institute To Manage Arthritis

Osteo Relief Institute maintains that arthritis cannot be cured. But it can be managed so that affected people can lead their life well. This would include managing risk factors effectively. It would require managing weight so that it is within permissible limits. Next step will be to quit smoking. While excess weight will lead to more stress on the damaged joints, smoking will damage the connective tissue and make arthritis worse.

Osteo Relief Institute also recommends that people must know how to pace themselves. They should not do activities that are beyond them. This would mean that they will have to get into a position of healing that may have to last for several days. It is advisable to do a little bit each day, in order to be able to remain in the comfort zone. Read more about Osteo Relief Institute at

Even if it hurts to move, it is still important to do physical activity. This will help to manage the pain. It will also help to avoid the loss of mobility that is frequently associated with arthritis. This would mean forcing oneself to move each day!

Next, Osteo Relief Institute recommends choosing activities which can build muscles around the joints. This also means that too much stress should not be put on the joints themselves. This can start with stretching, various range-of-motion exercises, followed by progressive strength training. All this should be done gradually.

In order to maintain weight, low-impact aerobic exercises must be done. These include walking, cycling along with water exercise. This helps to improve mood too.


Next is to avoid all those activities that can impact joints. This would include running, jumping, besides golf or even a tennis swing.

Osteo Relief Institute recommends the medications which are available for arthritis pain relief. Since they would be taken over a long term, there would be some side effects too. There are NSAIDS, acetaminophen, as well as topical analgesics. A doctor can recommend the best option.

The services of a qualified Physical Therapist can help in learning to move and managing the body in a way that will minimize the pain. In this way, surgery can be avoided. Watch this video on Youtube.