Securus Technologies Security Systems Infringement

Securus Technologies is one of the top providers of justice, both criminal and civil. They have made many corrections to a press statement issued by GTL in June of 2016. The statement made by GTL was not correct, and contained numerous claims and inaccuracies.


The U.S. Appeals Board is allowing GTL to continue with a PTAB patent. Securus is asking for damages, as they claim GTL is infringing on their system, and their rights. This lawsuit is still pending. Since this case is now in a federal court in Texas, GTL is saying they will continue their efforts, but with a District Court. They also stated they are continuing with their patent.


This patent concerns the monitoring of the visitations of inmates. This allows inmates to be able to communicate with their families on a secure basis. A total of fifty-five claims have been files by GTS.


Securus has realized GTL has only filed one claim of an independent status. This claim does not have the security feature in question. The PTAB has denied the review of the claim. GTL seems happy the security system was able to receive a patent. Despite what GTL believes, the PTAB has not made any indication of the patentability of the system.


According to GTL, this case should arrive in court within a few months. Securus does not believe this statement to be true. A jury will make the ultimate call when the court date is reached. Securus adamantly states this security system belongs to them, period. Securus will abide with the courts to prove they are in the right.


Securus Technologies has always had good financial dealings with the companies using their technology. They have entered into licensing agreements with these parties numerous times. Securus does not understand why GTL would spend millions trying to claim the rights to a product that is not theirs. Watch this video on Youtube.



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  1. And at the end, what will be the result? All Securus need is to go back to see and check if there are some lope holes in their business and cover it up and then sit back to watch the fall of a tree that has been there. Am not writing essay about myself but about GTL. For who say the mother will not sleep with two eyes closed will also not even pretend to lie down at all.

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