Squaw Valley Responds to Water Hazard

In October 2016, the upper mountain area of Squaw Valley was inundated with an unexpected 10 inches of rainfall. At the time of year when snow is the norm, this deluge produced a significant problem of water contamination for the upper mountains ski area. Squaw Valley immediately notified guests staying in the affected areas that used the now contaminated water supply and provided bottled water for drinking and cooking. The local water control authorities were also notified. The restaurants at the upper mountain remain closed until this water issue is rectified.

Anyone who knows about keeping natural well water pure and safe for drinking knows that large amounts of rain can mix with the soil and any contaminants in the soil at the surface and flow into the previously clean water source. The natural filtration that takes place with regular rainfall is not a problem, but this rain was of biblical proportions and hence the contamination problem for Squaw Valley.

Squaw Valley regards the safety and health of their guests as being of the utmost importance and is doing everything in their power to rectify the problem caused by this enormous rainfall and subsequent contamination. Read the full article here: http://http/www.sierrasun.com/news/environment/squaw-valley-issues-statement-on-upper-mountain-water-quality/

Squaw Valley remains an iconic ski resort that is using all the latest technologies available to be cognizant of the local weather and the chance of precipitation and snowfall. The resort uses the latest snowmaking hardware and snow grooming techniques to make the resort the best skiing experience for all skiiers. This water quality problem should be cleared up by the fall ski season.




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