Susan McGalla an Inspiration to Women Aspiring to be Leaders

Diversity is a crucial success component for any business. Statistics show that companies that incorporate diversity in the selection of their employees regarding gender and ethnicity tend to thrive more than those that do not. Variety helps inject new ideas and multiple perspectives in businesses. Research shows that firms that are gender sensitive perform 15% better than those that are not.

Moreover, it is estimated that companies that consist of ethnically diverse employees tend to perform 35% better than those that are not diverse. However despite those startling statistics still a majority of the firms still are not diversity conscious. In S&P 500 companies’ majority of the senior positions are a preserve of men. Only a small percentage of women have been able to beat against all the odds and climb to senior positions in top companies.

Susan McGalla is one such woman who has demanded her space in the male-dominated top leadership positions. McGalla has become a source of inspiration to many women who are aspiring to climb to the senior leadership levels in the business world, the corporate sector including governments. McGalla is a renowned businesswoman and a Pittsburgh based executive consultant. McGalla credits her upbringing as the pillar behind her success. McGalla was born in a family full of men. She grew together with his two brothers and her dad who was a football coach. McGalla coming from a male-dominated family at a tender age knew that she had to compete with her siblings to get whatever she desired.

Susan McGalla previously served at American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla, when she joined the firm all the senior positions, were occupied by Men. McGalla worked hard, and as a result of her exceptional performance, she was elevated to the status of President. McGalla after reaching the pinnacle position at the firm left and founded P3 Executive consulting. McGalla also serves at Pittsburgh Steelers as V.P of Business Strategy and Creative Development.

Women over the years have relied on leadership initiatives in addressing the challenges faced by women to holding senior executive roles in companies. The efforts have not been able to address the problem as still the majority of the top positions in companies are still being held by men. One solution that is believed is going to solve the issue of gender imbalance in leadership roles is the creation of executive sponsorship opportunities. The sponsors will act as advocates for women and will recommend women for lead projects and essential assignments.