The Career of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is the owner of a company known as HCRC Staffing. The company serves as a resource for medical professionals who are looking to get employment in the healthcare industry. Over the years, Brian has helped a number of doctors get good jobs on a consistent basis. What has made Brian Torchin and his company valuable to medical professionals is his experience, He has spent a number of years as a medical practitioner himself. During his career he worked in chiropractic medicine which allowed him to treat a number of back conditions for both athletes and individuals. Since finding and getting a job in the chiropractic field can be quite difficult, Brian wanted to start a company where he can help healthcare practitioners more efficiently find work. Healthcare organizations don’t often list jobs publicly so Brian looks to help healthcare workers learn about these job openings and apply to them more easily. Visit for more info.

When Brian Torchin founded his company, his mission was to help bridge the gap between healthcare practitioners looking for work and the organizations that were hiring. His company has helped a number of healthcare professionals and companies merge to make arrangements for employment. He would also found HCRC Staffing to help medical practitioners make valuable connections in the industry in order to advance their career. Being a chiropractor allowed Brian to understand that getting employment in the industry can be a challenge. Therefore he has devoted himself to ensuring that healthcare practitioners avoid going through the difficulties associated with finding work.

Prior to founding his company and practicing chiropractic medicine, Brian educated himself in the field. He would attend college and receive his bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware. After completing his undergraduate degree program, he would then move on to attend and complete chiropractic school. Brian Torchin had an interest in chiropractic medicine soon after he completed college. By going to chiropractic school, Brian was able to turn his passion into a rewarding career. This career would then lead to another career in entrepreneurship. Today, Brian has successfully founded and operated HCRC Staffing to help healthcare professionals enhance their career prospects.