The Commitments of Adam Milstein to Jewish People

Adam Milstein is known for being one of the most influential people in the United States of America. He is one of the Israel American Council co-founding members. The Israel American Council was established back in the year 2007 in Los Angeles. Mr. Milstein is serving in the organization as the chairman of the board. His leadership has aided the IAC to grow very fast reaching more regions in the United States. Adam Milstein with his wife Gila founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which aims at assisting Americans with Jewish origin understand more about their origin.

Adam likes working with youth because he believes that they are the people who will make sure their determinations are fruitful in the years to come. Currently, there is a big number of young leaders who are committed to Israel-American relation. Adam Milstein gets excited to see the young people enthusiasm and leadership because the courage and passion that he sees in them are good signs that there are young people willing to defend their community against even against anti-Semitism.

One of the Adam Milstein’s long term in his career is to inspire the young people to feel proud connected to their Jewish identity as well as the Jewish state and encourage them to inspire their children to maintain that strong connection. He is involved in the boards of various Israel-focused and Jewish organizations such as AIPAC National Council, Birthright Israel and others.

One thing that Adam Milstein has learned is the importance of understanding the history and answering the questions such as who you are and where you come from. There are questions that must be answered in order to succeed in their mission as a Jewish people. The young people need to be taught about their history in order for them to protect their tradition because they need to understand what they are protecting.

Adam Milstein moved to the United States in 1981 to do master’s degree. He later started real estate investment where he did very well. Currently he is working as the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a company that owns and manages more than 100 properties across the United States of America.