The founding of InnovaCare Health Inc. by Dr. Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto, the current InnovaCare Health President and CEO takes credit for laying down the foundation for InnovaCare Health, twenty years ago. He was then an active physician in California, working with NAMM (North American Medical Management. Being an excellent professional in his field, Rick Shinto saw the need to bring together the different aspects and various players in medical circles to assist many organizations that offer health care to do it more efficiently, especially in the advent of a dynamic market.

He, therefore, partnered with various organizations such as Straus Group back in the year 2003, while Daniel Straus was the active Board Chairman. This marked the beginning of the revolutionary network that started in South America and expanded over into the United States, with its Headquarter now located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, creating an immense network involved in the creation of health plans, opportunities in care management as well as medical practitioner networks.

Over the years, InnovaCare Health has continuously partnered with stakeholders to create an inclusive system or model of medical care services that is focused on recognizing the dynamic nature of the market and therefore incorporating the use of suitable technology and other tools to improve the quality of healthcare services available to patients in need as well as creating networks that facilitate easier interactions, information flow and ideas exchange between physicians, investors, and other involved parties. The core value of this privately owned organization has seen all involved partners benefit from its unique approach and efficiency. InnovaCare is also known for employing a great team of experts in the medical field as is evident in the impressive track record of the current CAO (chief administrative officer), Penelope Kokkinides and John Meyers, who is the is current Chief Actuary Officer. Penelope is recognized for her efficiency, inventiveness, experience, and contribution to the growth of the company and has served in different executive positions at InnovaCare Health.

Inevitably, the company has been recognized for its outstanding approach in revolutionizing the health care industry over the years and for its innovative approach to the provision of healthcare services and as well professional medical networks since its founding. Rick Shinto’s contributions as the CEO and founder especially, has seen him being awarded severally for his exemplary leadership and revolutionary vision, including the prestigious Modern Healthcare Award that lists him among the top twenty-five minority outstanding Healthcare Executives.