The Man Behind the Salad Success

With the growing problem of obesity in America, it’s no wonder how the idea of eating salad has completely taken off at record pace. Obesity continues to drain the healthcare system and the economy with the host of health problems it causes such as heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, and arthritis all stemming from high cholesterol and extra weight. Salad is an easy way to remain full and lose weight. Packed with vitamins and minerals, salad can still be a large meal in size yet low in caloric content. This gives people that feeling of fullness without actually leading to substantial weight gain. Sweetgreen represents one of the major salad success stories that has capitalized on the national push towards a healthier diet.

At Sweetgreen, people can show up and select everything that goes into their salads. Furthermore, this isn’t the typical salad bar. Many of the items at Sweetgreen are actually packed with protein, leading to a balanced meal without necessarily including meat that is high in calories. Furthermore, people can even get these items cooked for a new and inventive twist on the typical salad.

Sweetgreen was founded by three Georgetown graduates back in 2007. At the time, this venture into the food industry was funded by only a few dozen friends and family members. Today, this little experiment is worth close to $100 million. One of the hottest companies on the market today, they have 31 restaurants spread across the nation and expect to have 40 by the end of the year.

One of these successful entrepreneurs is Nathaniel Ru. One of the three Georgetown graduates, Sweetgreen is actually one of 4 companies that Ru has backed. He got the idea for Sweetgreen while in school at Georgetown. He realized that there were plenty of ways to eat healthy, but these were relatively expensive and time consuming. He also saw that there were many fast places to eat, but weren’t at all healthy despite being cheap. That’s where he and his friends started Sweetgreen. This is a lightning fast restaurant that offers no shortage of new, healthy choices in time efficient manner. Ru immediately saw how the chain could take off. Ru had the idea that Sweetgreen shouldn’t just be a restaurant chain, but even a way of life. In essence, Ru saw this chain as the start of a lifestyle brand that would encourage people to lead healthier lives. Through this restaurant, Ru seeks to change the country.



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