The Philantrophy Of Perry Mandera

The Custom Companies was started by Perry Mandera. He has grown his company into being one of the largest logistics and transportation companies throughout North America. He has created a sense of giving and charity in his company. The community of Chicago has benefited from the generous acts of Perry Mandera’s company.


There are many things that Perry Mandera enjoys giving back to. Particularly, he likes helping children. He has helped the children of Chicago for many years. He has participated in many fundraisers that raise money to donate back to local causes that help to benefit the children of Chicago. Around the holidays, the businessman sponsors events that give back. He always makes sure to work with organizations that are personal to him. Wherever he places his money, it is to a cause or charity he feels deeply connected to. The University of Chicago is one of the places he donates money. Catholic Charities and Lynn Sage Foundation are two more charities he donates money to.


One impressive factor about Perry Mandera’s giving is how his giving is not limited to financial donations. He has worked during the winter months to collect coats and make sure over one thousand adults and children had coats for the brutal Chicago winter. Christmas is his favorite holiday. To make sure others have an enjoyable Christmas, he has donated clothing and money and goods to people in need. He makes sure Chicago families do not go without a warm meal during the Christmas season.


Perry Mandera is regarded as a mentor and coach to the youth of Chicago. He has coached, basketball and baseball teams for the community. He regularly makes donations to his church. He is a sponsor of The Mercy Home. He has worked to make sure the charity continues to open and maintain the youth homes they have opened throughout the Chicago area. Although he is such a busy man, he makes time for his family. Spending time with his family is a priority. Making sure The Custom Companies are a fully functional company is one of his many priorities as well.

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