The RealReal is a Prominent Fashion Site that is in the Pursuit of raising a $100 million for a New Investment.

Legitimacy is paramount when it comes to business. Among the businesses that have been able to maintain a streak of legitimacy are such as the RealReal. RealReal has made it their sole responsibility to always supply original goods and weed out the counterfeit goods. To maintain the legitimacy of selling original goods, the RealReal has a validation process and they also monitor their inventories by themselves. As a result, the company has been able to build a positive reputation over the years and they have also gained a huge client base in the process. Nevertheless, the company is set towards venturing into new investments. With that said, RealReal is raising $100 million for the new investment.

Background Data

Since every business is always set to grow with time, the RealReal is set to raise $100 million in pursuit of venturing into a new investment. The RealReal is a fashion site that deals in second-hand belongings originating from various brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Wainwright who is the founder of RealReal is reaching out to various investors with the sole aim of raising the $100 million.

The amount of money being raised is quite substantial. As a result, curiosity may arise as per what the funds are meant for. Among the reasons for raising such a vast amount of money are such as; the company may need to grow more so as to become more appealing to public investors. On the other hand, the company may need more capital with the sole aim of proving that they may prosper as a standalone business.

Additional Information

RealReal has been able to stay afloat for all those years. As a result, it is a clear indicator that the business of selling second hand belongings from renowned brands is a suitable business. However, no matter how viable a business is, there are many opportunities that arise with time. As for selling second hand goods, the opportunity that RealReal wants to seize revolves around the expansion of the business so as to reach out to a larger population.


The RealReal works on a shareholding basis whereby they first sell the goods then profit sharing takes place between the company and the owner of the goods. As odd as the idea of selling second-hand goods seems, RealReal started out by selling clothes that belonged to women. However, the company grew, and they also started dealing in men’s wear and jewelry. The positive growth has made RealReal realize that they are built for more; hence the pursuit of raising $100 million with the primary aim of expanding their business.