TMS Health Solution Innovative Therapy

Transactional Magnetic Solution (TMS) is a harmless drug free treatment that is used to treat depression and other mental disorders. It was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters at San Francisco, California. The company employs highly qualified professionals like psychiatrists who are very competent in their work. TMS Health Solutions is focused to offer the most advanced clinically certified treatment to its patients. The management team is comprised of psychiatrists, entrepreneurs and business leader who by their combined efforts have worked tirelessly and have put the company in its current position.

Meet the experts:

The main goal of TMS Health Solution is to offer quality facilities and treatment to the patients and also ensure to give them honest results after the treatment. Their facilities are designed to make their patients feel relaxed during treatment. The treatment used is known as Neurostar which uses MRI-magnetic field strength to provoke the prefrontal cortex of the brain where it relieves the main symptoms of depression. TMS has proven to have a treatment that has minimum side effects hence it is friendly to the patients but also highly effective.

This innovative treatment is led by Dr. Richard Bermudes and Dr. Karl Lanocha who are professionals in TMS in therapy. Depression is a very serious condition capable of triggering other mental disorders and causing the normal functioning of the brain. TMS Health Solution was a treatment innovated to save depression patients from future mental disorders. TMS analyses patients’ responses to treatment and uses the data to administer their treatment. In addition to that, they use data the data gathered from patients to improve their therapy procedures and facilities and make them much better for more effiency.

TMS has also a very accomodative staff that gives a calm and relaxed environment to patients and are always ready to assist patients throughout their recorvery journey. TMS Health Solution has gone out of the ordinary to provide patients with the best treatment for mental disorders like depression and mood disorders. It also ensures them of quick recovery with minimal side effects which are not harmful.