USHEALTH Group Bringing Health Care To Everyone

USHEALTH Group is in Fort Worth, Texas, through its subsidiaries of National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, they aspire to be America’s number one Choice for Healthcare. On this note, USHEALTH Group Incorporated and its subsidiaries have dedicated their effort to offering ingenious Accident, Disability, Life, and Specified Disease Insurance solutions for small businesses or self-employed individuals, and their employees. Via its insurance companies, USHEALTH Group Incorporated has served more than 15 million clients who applied for different plans in a span of more than fifty years.

USHEALTH Group insurance

Their insurance products range from accident cover, fixed indemnity, dental health, and individual coverages. They also offer coverages that insure people from critical illnesses that take an extended period to heal. USHEALTH Group sells its services and products via their trained agents.

For clients on a limited budget, USSHEALTH Group provides a portfolio of ingenious products which offer a network of discounts across different providers and first dollar benefit coverage. These plans are affordable than many comprehensive programs while providing the first dollar assurances and protection that a limited protection plan provides.

For customers who can afford cost sharing, the USHEALTH Group company of families provides a selection of Specified Sickness and Accident coverages that offers welcome solutions that are affordable, reliable, and flexible.

No matter the type of health coverage that one chooses, USHEALTH Group has committed to assist its clients with their full line of products that cover Short-Term Accident Disability Income, Critical Illness, Specified Sickness protection, Term Life Insurance, Dental, Vision, and Income Protector Plans.

In a marketplace that possesses traits of high client turnover and low customer loyalty, USHEALTH insurance companies stand out by providing long-term business relationships that nurture a trust bond based on delivering its said promises.

USHEALTH Group Advisors

In the complicated market world of health insurance, USHEALTH Group assures its clients of a buying experience governed by licensed USHEALTH Advisor Agents, who meet the standards of certification and product training before being allowed to hold any conversation on behalf of the company. Because of this representation, more families and self-employed individuals are turning to USHEALTH Group and its advisors to meet their insurance coverage requirements.

USHEALTH Group Services

USHEALTH Group Incorporated understands two essential truths:

-Every customer is different

-A one size fits all approach is not always the answer

These fundamental truths are the reason why USHEALTH Group provides a broad spectrum of affordable customer coverages. Once a client selects a plan, USHEALTH Group connects them with their customer service so as to make their specified claim. USHEALTH Group customer service was 2013 top fifty North American best Call Center among other elite firms in the U.S.


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