USHealth Group-HOPE Nationwide

USHealth Group is a parent group with several subsequent companies known as their Family of Companies. This “Family” provides, underwrites, and sells individual health insurance policies and plans and to everyone, even to those in the United States who are in families, those who are self employed or are small business owners.

Aside from individual health insurance, USHealth Group also has a variety of supplemental products which they make available to all. These products, added to the insurance plans, enables USHealth Group to design and create the insurance plan tailored to meet your exact needs and specifications. The products available include fixed indemnity medical insurance which provides and allows for cash to be paid out for specified situations which are medical related, dental insurance, insurance that goes into effect during a period of life threatening and/or critical illness, solutions regarding accident and income protection, and term life policies(both renewable and convertible)designed for life, accident, and protection in the event of certain illnesses.

USHealth Group does a great deal of their marketing and service provision via agents from USHealth Advisors, a fully owned nationwide distribution and sales subsidiary of the “Group”. The staff and management at USHealth Advisors has a mantra and a mission for their business practices-H(Helping)O(Other)P(People)E(Everyday). This organization has made a firm commitment to be a positive influence in the lives of others. Mark Brodinsky is one of those agents with USHealth who has done just that within and outside the business/real estate community. Read more about USHealth Group at

Mark Brodinsky has utilized his desire to help others everyday and has expanded his portfolio to include starting a “Storytelling For Business” a weekly blog that Mark has created designed to encourage, inspire, and enlighten others in the business world and in their personal walks as well. Some of his titles include “Choices” and “True To Be”. Both of these posts deal with how a person decides to live his or her life would effect not just themselves but everyone else around them as well. To quote Mark “Living is giving.” Inspiring others to be their “best selves” is a true success story. Read more on Bloomberg: