USHEALTH Group Maintains Product Values and Excellence with Award-Winning Innovation

USHEALTH Group is located in Fort Worth, Texas and has serviced customers for their insurance needs for over 50 years. Throughout this time, the company has continued its innovative products to not only provide consumers with creative choices, but also to provide the best product at affordable rates and convenience. The company is largely known for its product value as much as it is for being the most-trusted insurance company in the country. There are over 15 million USHEALTH Group members who depend upon the company delivering on the promise to provide affordability, reliability and quality service with every product purchased.

The competition has seen the company continually grow and build upon its reputation for loyalty and commitment to the consumer. USHEALTH Group has surpassed the competition in the value it offers to consumers in ways that have far exceeded the industry standards.

Even during a period of change within the health care market, the medical products are designed based upon giving consumers more than expected. Products such as Premier Choice, Secure Advantage, Secure Dental and Premier Vision, were all designed with unparalleled value and care to make it easier for consumers to tailor their own level of coverage based on individual needs. None of the products are considered industry-based products, but rather innovative with outstanding add-on’s that are unmatched by the company’s competition.

For instance, the Premier Choice product allows the member to lock in at a rate that will be guaranteed for 15 months during its benefit effective period. The exclusive product is also available as a “first dollar” benefit package, which allows the member to receive benefits without first having to meet a standard yearly deductible. The benefits are provided for both in-network and out-of-network providers and allow members to receive care from any hospital. Additionally, the Premier Choice product is also eligible for members to include a rider policy to optimize their coverage levels.

USHEALTH Group has won several awards for its excellence in delivering high-standard products and service to customers. For many years, the company has won the Stevie Award for outstanding achievement in servicing members with innovative products and extraordinary commitment to providing value for the insurance industry. This year the company’s CEO Troy McQuagge also won the Gold Stevie Award for CEO of the year. Mr. McQuagge has led the company to a level of excellence that is beyond compare within the insurance industry. Learn more: