What Vijay Eswaran’s Books Really Mean For The Readers

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman who manages several companies under the parent company, QI Group Ltd. He’s helped the impoverished areas of Asia through this company, and he’s also a philanthropist and a man who values spiritual practices. Eswaran is the author of In The Sphere Of Silence and In The Thinking Zone which discuss his personal meditation philosophies that guide him throughout the day.

Eswaran has talked about what it really means to take time out of your day to reflect, meditate and listen instead of just talking. He’s looked up to civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi throughout his whole life and his books have drawn inspiration from Gandhi’s work.

Vijay Eswaran grew up in Malaysia but has traveled throughout the world and has many experiences that have shaped his life and work.

He studied under some world-renowned professors at the London School of Economics where he got his bachelor’s in socioeconomics. But Eswaran didn’t go into the corporate world just yet. Instead he took a year off from school where he worked various odd jobs including construction, cab driving and even grape harvesting. Read more: Vijay Eswaran in Forbes Philanthropy Heroes list

He started becoming interested in business marketing and eventually he completed his MBA at Southern Illinois University. After serving as a consultant for several computer technology companies, Eswaran entered multilevel marketing and decided to pursue a career in the field after returning to Malaysia. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: http://mlmnation.net/dato-vijay-eswaran-taxi-driver-worth-500-million-dollars-932/

It took quite some time to gain traction in the multilevel marketing industry, and even though Eswaran and his partner Joseph Bismarck were hard workers and visionaries, many were still skeptical about their endeavors. But they put all they had into their new upstart named QI Group Ltd., and soon the company started seeing growth. QI Group’s flagship company, QNET has been the catalyst for profits in the direct selling industry and all products sold by QNET must be bought through its independent sales representatives.

Eswaran also started a real estate investment and lending company in QI Asset Management, and he’s also sold luxurious products and paid vacations through Q-Style. Most importantly, Eswaran has given back to the Malaysian and Indian communities through RYTHM Foundation, a non-profit branch of QI Group that helps children with disabilities and offers assistance to those affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.